Senior Marketing Automation Developer with Marketo in Cracow

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Krakow, Poland

Req ID: 200483

At SolarWinds, we’re a people-first company. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of the people we serve—including our employees, customers, shareholders, Partners, and communities. Join us in our mission to help customers accelerate business transformation with simple, powerful, and secure solutions.

The ideal candidate thrives in an innovative, fast-paced environment and is collaborative, accountable, ready, and empathetic. We’re looking for individuals who believe they can accomplish more as a team and create lasting growth for themselves and others. We hire based on attitude, competency, and commitment. Solarians are ready to advance our world-class solutions in a fast-paced environment and accept the challenge to lead with purpose. If you’re looking to build your career with an exceptional team, you’ve come to the right place. Join SolarWinds and grow with us!


We work in hybrid mode 3+2, at minimum of 3 days at the office (with mandatory Wednesdays and Thursdays) and 2 days on home office.

Location of our office is Puszkarska 7J/Building E, 30-644 Kraków, Polska.

As a Senior Marketing Automation Developer, you’re not just managing email programs and ABM platforms—you’re orchestrating marketing magic. Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders across the business—product marketing, growth, marketing operations, and content. Marketo bridges these domains, ensuring alignment and impact. Your role sits at the heart of the Marketing Automation and Technology organization. It’s where strategy meets execution, and SolarWinds’ success hinges on your expertise.

Your Impact:

  1. The Marketer’s Love Affair:Dive deep into marketing automation technologies. Marketo isn’t just a tool; it’s your canvas for creativity. Nurture campaigns, Lead Scoring, MQL campaigns—they all come alive here.
  2. Project Mastery: Help manage the intake of new projects and requests coming from Asana. Pickup tickets from the backlog in Jira and prepare them for intake before grooming them as a team.
  3. Core to Strategy:Your role resides at the heart of the Marketing Automation and Technology organization. It’s where vision meets execution, and SolarWinds’ success hinges on your expertise with Marketo.
  4. Marketer’s Playground:Dive deep into marketing automation platforms. Marketo isn’t just a tool; it’s your canvas for creativity. From program development to campaign optimization, it’s your playground.
  5. Journey Architects:You orchestrate the prospect and customer journey. Scoring, nurture streams, lead routing—these are your building blocks. Marketo brings them to life.
  6. Versatility Unleashed:Beyond Marketo, be ready to explore other Mar-Tech Stack platforms like Outreach or PathFactory. Adaptability is key.
  7. Integration Wizards:Bridge marketing databases and campaign tools. Technical stack harmony is your forte.
  8. Roadmap Navigators:Execute the Marketing Automation roadmap. Stay ahead of industry trends—Marketo keeps you in the loop.
  9. Best Practices Architects:You’re not merely implementing; you’re shaping the foundation. System maintenance, configuration, and development testing—these are your building blocks.


Your Experience:

  1. Educational Foundation:Your BA, BS, or equivalent degree provides the bedrock. But it’s the fusion of theory and hands-on experience that sets you apart.
  2. B2B Trailblazer:With 5+ years in B2B marketing, you’ve honed your skills. Marketo becomes your canvas—a place to weave intricate campaigns and orchestrate customer journeys.
  3. Marketo:Your 5+ years using a marketing automation platform Marketo is a badge of honor. It’s not just about checkboxes; it’s about unlocking possibilities.
  4. Digital Maestro:Working closely with multi-disciplinary digital marketing roles and channels, you’ve mastered the art of email marketing, chatbots (like Drift), and CRM (hello, SFDC!). Reporting, analysis, and optimization are your allies.
  5. Agility in Action:In a rapidly evolving environment, you’re the sharp, energetic force. Marketo thrives here too, powering your adaptability.
  6. Campaign Alchemy:Whether it’s email automation, site merchandising, SEO/PPC, display/retargeting, or social media, Marketo amplifies your reach.
  7. Data Whisperer:Interpreting and reporting performance metrics. Marketo ensures you’re always one step ahead.
  8. People Power:Strong interpersonal skills drive collaboration. Assertive, results-oriented—you’re the catalyst for shared success.


The Ideal Candidate

  1. Fast-Paced Navigator:Managing a dynamic marketing team isn’t just about speed; it’s about agility. Marketo fuels your pace.
  2. Marketo Maestro:Your expert-level working knowledge of Marketo isn’t just a checkbox—it’s your secret sauce. Campaigns, automation, lead management—it all converges here.
  3. SaaS Evangelist:Passion for marketing SaaS solutions? Marketo amplifies your impact. Connecting customer needs with product capabilities—this is where magic happens.
  4. Creative Alchemist:Problems aren’t roadblocks; they’re opportunities. Crafting creative solutions? Marketo is your canvas.
  5. Communication Virtuoso:Clear, effective communication across cross-functional groups and senior management. Marketo ensures alignment.
  6. Automation Sage:You’re not just an SME; you’re the heartbeat of Marketing Automation best practices. Marketo thrives on your expertise.
  7. Agile Navigator:Scrum Methodology isn’t just jargon; it’s your compass. Marketo keeps you on course.
  8. As a big plus – Marketo Certified:Your advanced/admin Marketo expertise is a badge of honor. It’s not just about checkboxes; it’s about unlocking possibilities.

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